Envision.  Design.  Implement.

Architectural Exterior

Light is the agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible.  Effective manipulation of light gives one the ability to shape perception.  TiS Global Design Group understands that with the proper application of lighting technology, we can help our Clients shape people’s experience. (read more)

Architectural Interior

Interior lighting design is the seamless integration of art and science. Accentuating the forms, shapes and architecture of your space, our designers will work closely with you to detail how each architectural feature you envision can be enhanced through our lighting design. (read more)

Event Lighting

Light is experience itself. From dramatic to calming, the correct application of lighting can set the tone of any event.  The designers at TiS Global Design Group have decades of experience ranging from movie premiers to corporate events, art exhibits to weddings, and everything in-between. (read more)

Industrial Lighting

From warehouse space to business parks, The TiS Global Design Group is able to provide you with a complete, energy efficient solution to your commercial lighting needs.  Our designers have worked with industries such as port authorities, oil rig operators, property developers, military and (read more)

Fabrication & Manufacturing

Innovation is the combination of good design with the means to produce. With our years of experience and trusted business partners in all facets of manufacturing, TiS Global Design Group is able to offer custom manufactured solutions in metal, plastics, wood and more. (read more)

Painting & Frosting

Providing light is not the only function of a fixture – it has to look good as well. We have developed proprietary processes for painting existing fixtures that do not require the removal of the electronics, thereby saving both time and money. (read more)

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