Light is the agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible.  Effective manipulation of light gives one the ability to shape perception.  We at TiS Global Design Group understand that with the proper application of lighting technology, we can help our Clients shape people’s experience.

Our lighting design integrates with your overall theme, allowing you accentuate what you want, minimize what you don’t want, and make your statement to the world.  We skillfully integrate artistic lighting design within the framework of regulation, and regularly generate designs that not only are visually striking when combined with our Client’s structures, but result in significant electrical savings over conventional systems.

We design not only for the present, but with an understanding of what needs you may have in the future. With our programmable systems, we can build ‘themes’ for almost any occasion, and change them at will.  Foreign dignitary scheduled for arrival? Let us build you a custom theme that integrates the colors of their flag. Local sports team wins again? We can build you a theme for that as well.

We understand that lighting is an integral aspect of presenting to the world your vision.  We honor your vision with the best designs and most dedicated and award winning team available.

Whether we are tasked with incorporating lighting design into new construction or existing structures, our designers don’t put pen to paper until they have a clear understanding of the statement you wish to make.

From subtle to bold, we are able to seamlessly integrate our lighting design into any structure, and bring your vision to life.

Utilizing cutting edge technology, TiS Global Design Group is able to create almost any experience you want to portray. We have created custom solutions for numerous Clients, often redefining how light is manipulated and changing the industry in the process.

From vision to implementation, TiS Global Design Group and its dedicated team of designers and engineers continue to redefine perception.

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