Light is experience itself. From dramatic to calming, the correct application of lighting can set the tone of any event.  The designers at TiS Global Design Group have decades of experience ranging from movie premiers to corporate events, art exhibits to weddings, and everything in-between.

Using our years of experience in the movie and television industry as a foundation, where lighting has been a storytelling tool for over 100 years, we are able to effectively and powerfully communicate the tone of your event to your guests.

We have worked all over the world setting the tone of numerous events, with a keen understanding of local customs and cultures, to create an environment that exceeds the expectations of our Clients. We are able to generate multiple designs for the same event in order to allow our Client’s the ability to choose exactly what they want to portray to their guests.

Our corporate Clients have benefitted from our unique understanding of how to seamlessly integrate corporate identity with product identity through our lighting designs. From intimate venues to galas, we are your ‘visual voice’.

We are your visual ‘agents’ for effectively communicating your theme to your guests.

With the correct lighting, small settings can be visually expanded rather than having to seek out other venues. Large venues can be manipulated visually to offer a more intimate setting.

Launching a product can be a daunting and costly task. First impressions are everything, and lighting design is a vital component in communicating your message.

Let us help shape your guest’s experience by designing a lighting experience that not only promotes your product, but helps to bolster your company’s identity.

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