Providing light is not the only function of a fixture – it has to look good as well. We have developed proprietary processes for painting existing fixtures that do not require the removal of the electronics, thereby saving both time and money.

Our custom frosting process can create almost unlimited lens gradients in order to fine-tune any lighting design, or bring dissimilar units closer to more uniform output. With our proprietary process we not only create uniformity, but establish a light distribution system that enhances 'trueness' of color and systematically distributes photons according to your specifications.


As designers, we always specify the best lighting fixture for a given application, however that does not always mean that the factory color of the fixture will compliment (or blend in) with the background.  Though most of our trusted vendors will offer a custom color, the minimum quantities required often make this option unavailable.

Through extensive research and development over the period of almost 2 years, we are pleased to be able to offer our proprietary fixture painting and frosting services which allows you to paint as few, or as many, fixtures necessary for a given project. 

Our process is superior in that we do not have to disassemble the fixture to remove components or sandblast the fixture, which not only saves on labor, but also avoids potential damage to the components during the removal/reassembly process. 

Combined with our custom frosting capability, not only can we fine-tune your fixture with regards to output, we can also establish any fixture hue or tone you can envision.

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