The Industry Source was born out of necessity...

Our designers started out in film and television lighting, where they were able to work with some of the greatest lighting designers of all times; the old guard.  These seasoned professionals taught our team the invaluable lessons that made them the lighting pioneers that they were, including the most important mandate of all: lighting can make or break a scene, a movie, a studio, or even a career.

With that deep-rooted understanding of this principle, we branched out into all aspects of lighting, finding out quickly that lighting, as a whole, was generations behind the entertainment industry in most-all aspects. Want to make it stand out, add more lights, regardless of the overall visual or power consequences. Want to change the color, add some tinted bulbs, regardless of what strain it may put on the viewer.

This general apathy was no more apparent than in the selection of fixtures and equipment available for general lighting needs.  The same fixture, with some different color schemes, were marketed as residential, commercial, and ‘architectural’, much to the chagrin of our team. It is with that that we remembered more sage advice from the ‘Old Guard’: ‘if you can’t find it, build it’.

This is where we went into action.  Innovating from being part of the first team to commercially market LED lighting to the entertainment and general lighting world, to Plasma lighting and even fiber optics, our continuing efforts in the entertainment realm have led to quantum leaps in fixtures, systems, design and applications that we proudly offer to you.

We consider ourselves (collectively) fortunate to have learned from the absolute best, and take their knowledge and build upon it with continuing technological and design innovation. While our sole focus is on exceeding our Client’s expectations, along the way we have been awarded virtually every technical achievement award, including:

  • Certificate of Achievement from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
  • Prime Time Emmy Plaque
  • Prime Time Emmy Awards for Technical Advancement of Lighting
  • Nikola Tesla Award.

These accolades would not be possible without our significant background in fabrication and manufacturing.  Now offered as a service independent from lighting manufacturing, we seamlessly integrate our extensive engineering experience and manufacturing project management as an enhancement to products across myriad markets.

From project start through to completion, we welcome the opportunity to provide you with unparalleled service and unrivalled results.

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